The Beginning

Navigating life is hard but it can be a little easier with great friends by your side. This is the story of three girls just trying to make it out alive.


The Beginning of Rosemary and Rouge: 

Every good story has a beginning. It just so happens this blog was started in a pantry. That sounds a little odd, let’s set the scene, shall we? 

 Jenna, Ena, and Marie getting rosey at a Christmas party 🎅🏻 

Jenna, Ena, and Marie getting rosey at a Christmas party 🎅🏻 

Picture it: On a cold December night, co-founder Marie had a Christmas soirée in full swing with friends, family, and coworkers. How does one pitch a blog idea to your two best friends (without making everyone else uncomfortably excluded) other than inside a pantry? After having gulped some wine and shoved crackers and prosciutto gracefully in our mouths, Marie grabbed Jenna and Ena, pulled them into her pantry (that has the cutest pantry door) and wasted no time in her speech. Comfortably shoulder to shoulder in the not-so-spacious panty, Marie won over Jenna and Ena’s hearts with her passion for blogging and wanting to do it as a team. 

A blog? We’ve never tried writing a blog. Marie is the one with experience so why would she need us?

That answer is simple. She didn't need us. She wanted us. The three of us always have similar yet different lifestyles, views, routines, jobs, etc. but we have each other and we have fun. Why not shout through the internet and even better if it inspires, intrigues or entertains someone!
And thus, Rosemary and Rouge was born.  We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our stories and continue to follow along!