How to: Pick the Best First Date Location

How to: Pick the Best First Date Location

From Bumble, The League, Coffee Meets Bagel, and even trying the old fashioned way- I am still out there looking for “The One.” It’s hard out there for us single ladies. Trust me, I know it! With my lovely co-founders coupled up, I am continuing this journey alone.  

First Dates are the best... Said no one ever.png

And what an interesting adventure it has been...I would go on, but that’s a story for another blog post. Plus, I am definitely not on here to dog anyone and wish all the first daters out there the best of luck! This post is about how to scout out the best location for a first date with a stranger you’ve met online. And yeah, it sounds as uncomfortable as you think because “stranger danger” was a crucial phrase in all of our childhoods. That’s the world us twenty-somethings live in now so at least we can prep accordingly.

Which brings me to my first tip- use your common sense and always choose a place that you know you’ll be safe. Now, this may be my first tip because my mom made me watch specific episodes of Dateline as I was growing up (thanks, mom!) but, safety is always key. Don’t get yourself into a dangerous situation that could have been avoided and definitely don’t go down any dark alleyways.

Distance is also a factor. You’ll have to ask yourself “how far would I be willing to drive for a date?”. Some people don’t mind driving up to an hour away for a date; however, others like to stay closer to home.

When picking a date spot, you’ll need to think of the guy your talking to. If someone tells you they hate drinking tea; a tea house is not the ideal location for a first date...unless you’re trying to tell him that you’re definitely not interested. You’ll both need to compromise on something neutral you’ll both like!


Finally, and I sort of hate to admit this one, I always think of a place that gives me an easy out. What I mean by an easy out is that I try to pick a place that isn’t a commitment. Going to the movies is a commitment because you sit there for two long hours with someone you aren’t quite yet comfortable with. The same goes for dinner. It would be mighty uncomfortable to sit through an entire dinner with someone you don’t have anything to talk to about.  I don’t necessarily use my easy out all the time...but sometimes, it's nice to have.

My usual spot? A cute coffee spot named Cafe la Scala in Walnut Creek, CA. This cafe has a great vibe and meets all of my suggestions listed above making it the perfect place for a first date. I hope the baristas enjoy the dramatic comedy that is my dating life!

What kind of space is your favorite first date location and how’d you choose it?