BevMo Five Cent Sale: White Wine

BevMo Five Cent Sale: White Wine

We've all wandered the aisles of Bevmo, kindly declining assistance, and having absolutely no idea which bottle of wine to take home. There, aren't you glad you’re not alone? I sure am. First of all, thank you for googling "Top Bevmo Wines" or the like. Extra thanks for clicking on my article and checking out what my top picks are.

My goal is to narrow down the search with some excellent picks and even more excellent deals. I, for one, am a massive fan of Bevmo's 5cent wine sale. I mean why you would go anywhere else?

Disclaimer: What can make my taste buds dance might make yours wish they never existed. I like light crisp cleanly finished whites. Yes, a very general statement for all my winos out there, but for my casual wine Wednesday gals this one's for you.


BevMo Five Cent Sale: White Wine

This list is for the person who just loves wine and who needs quick tasting notes and maybe a suggestion on what to make for dinner.  However, wine also can be enjoyed sans food. ;)

1. Carneros Creek Reserve Chardonnay - $28

Creamy light chardonnay, with flavors of vibrant apple, pear, and vanilla. Crisp, clean finish. No heavy, overwhelming butter flavors.

Pair with: Herb Crusted Salmon

2. Four Vines The Willing - $18

A BevMo exclusive! Fresh mango and citrus flavors. Medium acidity for this Chardonnay and crisp finish. Loving these flavors!

Pair with: Mushroom Risotto or Mushroom Quiche

3. Matchbook Chardonnay - $17

Wine Enthusiast gave this wine 92 pts.  Creamy full bodied Chardonnay with intense apple and citrus flavors. Light buttery taste definitely an "everyday wine."

Pair with: White Sauce Pizza

4. Michael Pozzan Sauvignon Blanc Lake County - $15

Okay, so Sauvignon Blanc has been my jam lately. I love the fruit flavors that linger. Well-balanced Sauvignon with a very clean finish.

Eat with: Pesto Pasta or a Palak or Saag Paneer (Indian Cuisine)

5. Quinton Paso Robles Viognier - $12

Only Viognier on the five cent wine sale that I have seen, so this is a must buy! Love the tropical citrus notes and no buttery flavors, so the fruit really stands out.

Eat with: Cream Chicken Curry

What are some of your favorite white wines from Bevmo? What is your everyday white or favorite splurge? Tell me all about them in the comments below.

Cheers, and Have Fun!









*Prices are rounded to the nearest dollar and are based off my local Bevmo. Prices not meant to serve as a live price check for your location.