BevMo Five Cent Sale: Red Wine

BevMo Five Cent Sale: Red Wine

Did you think I would leave you hanging in the white wine aisles? Here we go with a trip to BevMo, hitting up the red wines this time.

This article is for the wanderer, kind guest, and fellow wino. Thank you for googling "Top Bevmo Wines" or something of the like. Extra thanks for clicking on my article and checking out what my top picks are!

I'm here to narrow down your search with some excellent picks and even more excellent deals. I for one am a massive fan of Bevmo's 5cent wine sale. I mean, why you would go anywhere else... no one knows. (maybe you don't like a good deal)?

Disclaimer: What can make my taste buds dance might make yours wish they never existed. I like full-bodied, heavy tannin reds. Yes, very general statements for my winos out there, but for my casual wine Wednesday gals this one is for you.

Also, I should share that I prefer reds from Paso Robles... so you'll notice more wine from that region on my lists.

Pro Tip: When in doubt, find someone to help you. They can usually point you in the right direction but you have to know if you prefer a red or white wine!.


BevMo Five Cent Sale: Red Wine

And now for the list!

1. Vina Robles Red4 - $19

You guessed it this one is from Paso Robles. Very easy to drink table red. Medium body with rich dark cherry and chalky tannins.

Eat with: Smoked Brisket with a sweet barbeque sauce

2. Beringer Pinot Noir SB County - $32

BevMo Exclusive. Light fruit forward Pinot. Thin tannins and balanced structure.

Eat with: White Sauce Pizza

3. Michael Pozzan Marianna Reserve - $50

BevMo Exclusive. Easy to drink red blend, worth buying on the five cent wine sale. Light smokey flavors that linger. Prominent flavors of currant, blackberries, black pepper and vanilla. Smooth tannins.

Eat with: Filet Mignon and Herb Potatoes

4. Matchbook Range 19 Red Blend - $20

Have a friend that loves Malbecs? Get them this wine! This Malbec blend has bright cherry and cocoa flavors. As well as full tannins and earthy aromas.

Eat with: Lamb and Mint

5. Four Vines The Skeptic  - $20

BevMo Exclusive. Flavors of fresh raspberry, plums, and black cherry. Full bodied, high tannins, and sweet finish.

Eat with: Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger

Good luck in your wine search and I hope my list helped you. Let us know what you find!

What are some of your favorite red wines from Bevmo? What is your everyday red or favorite splurge? Tell me all about them in the comments below.


Cheers, and Have Fun!










*Prices are rounded to the nearest dollar and are based off my local Bevmo. Prices are not meant to serve as a live price check for your location.