When The Dust Settles and the Resolutions Are Gone

When The Dust Settles and the Resolutions Are Gone

Do you ever stop, look around and think to yourself “what now?”

I do. Frequently.

How do you handle falling off the resolution wagon and once again having to balance looking after yourself and everything else life throws at you? I am guilty of jumping into something with 110% and then one hiccup sets off a chain reaction and soon I find myself falling back into my same old ways.

Personally, I felt that 2018 started off with a bang and quickly fizzled out for me; but, instead of getting overwhelmed, I’m going to adjust, adapt, and make this year the year of me one step at a time. These are just the beginning steps of my journey of me!

  1. Change your mindset -  Because who says April Showers Bring May Flowers only applies to nature? I'm going to make it apply to me and I'm much more excited to watch myself bloom than relying on a “new me” at the beginning of the year!

  2. Break it down! - I'm guilty of compiling 5+ healthy habits or changes I want to make only to get panicked and end up doing none! Don't try and do everything all at once. I take it one habit at a time and give myself 1-2 weeks to adjust (and keeping to it) before introducing a new one. I start with one I don't have to make many changes for such as drinking more water and then add from there. Once I get in the mindset that adopting new habits isn't that hard, it makes it a lot easier to bring in more of them!

  3. Adapting to pre-planned habits - know what works for you but don't skip out to make it easier or get through it faster. I have difficulty getting myself to a gym or class so I use an at home program that gives me preset days to work out on. Changing what days you work out on or what time of day are crucial because not everyone can work out at the same time on the same days. Life happens and that's okay! Working full time and going to grad school full time means I don't need any additional stress!

  4. Keeping track and taking responsibility - Find a system you can use that works best for you. I am visual and love writing things down on paper (don't let my love for blogging fool you!) so I started using a monthly Habit Tracker by Creative Clementine so I can not only keep track of ALL my positive life changes but also make it my own and have a visual so I can see how I'm doing. It is a great way to give me a visual kick in the butt if I haven't gotten to my habits or it gives me a great sense of accomplishment!

  5. “Me” time - at the end of the day, all the changes you make that are meant to better yourself can be exhausting. Don't let these changes lead you down a road where you don't think you can do anything you used to love. It's all about moderation and I am a firm believer in cutting out something you love altogether ultimately ends with a binge or a complete fall of the wagon. I have been guilty of that many times before so I am embracing a life of moderation for the new changes and my old loves. I love watching tv and sure, I may make myself work out before watching something but I'm not going to cut my cable and donate my television. I grew up with two brothers and one of my biggest vices is video games. I own 7 gaming consoles and you'd have to pry those out of my cold, dead, double-jointed fingers if you wanted me to get rid of them. I don't deny myself access to them but I also don't let myself play for 12 hours a day (well, I try to!)


At the end of it, all your life is about you! You do what you think will make you feel better, live better, and love better. Changes made for or because of other people will not stick as they shouldn't. One of my life motto's is “you do you” and that means in every part of life.

What fun changes are you planning on making this year to improve yourself?