Ena Jezildzic - Visual Curator

Ena is the ultimate visual & content curator. From stopping for the perfect photo op to inspiring each writer on the team to find the perfect topic. She is really our biggest supporter and make sure we get together on regular basis. 


  • Reading: The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian
  • Writing: About my Switzerland Trip
  • Song of the Month: Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald
  • Watching: Lucifer

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Jenna Aita - Caption Master

Jenna is the teams fantastic organizer and creative caption master. She puts the pieces in the right place and brings order to our unpredictable lives. Thank her for the reason our blog even makes sense. 


  • Reading: The Good Girl By Mary Kubica
  • Watching: The Good Doctor
  • Game of the Month: Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Writing: New Year - New Skincare Overhaul

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IMG_4960 (3).JPG

Marie Leon - Content Marketing Strategist  

As former blog owner of PetiteTaste, Marie is not new to the blog world.  Bringing 3 years of blogging and marketing experience she can't wait to develop new content and connections for such an enthusiastic and energetic team.


  • Reading: The Beach House by James Patterson & Peter De Jonge
  • Drinking: Almond milk latte
  • Writing: How knowing my love language improved my relationship.

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